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Inverters, or variable speed/frequency drives, are used for running AC motors and providing variable speed. They are versatile devices that can be used in a wide range of applications, from simply running a motor and allowing a user to vary the speed, to complicated set-ups with sensors and timers that affect the speed.
Typically Inverters have been designed for fan & pump (light duty) applications or normal/heavy duty. Many are dual rated, with one set of ratings for both light and heavy duty.
As such you simply need to choose the unit that has a current rating at least as much as your motor.



1. Simple circuit & small size.
2. Low cost.
3. Control in torque.
4. Used for more than one motor with different data.
5. Provide motors protection.

a. Overload protection.
b. Over current protection.
c. Over &under voltage protection.
d. Phase failure protection.
e. Over temperature.

6. Control in output voltage.
7. Control in acceleration& deceleration time.