Operator Interface (HMI)

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Application Features:


Application Features

Device Connection Structure:

- Support different types of external connection devices.
- a maximum of 64 devices can be connected simultaneously.
- via Internet, data can be exchanged and saved between HMIs.
- via Internet, users can operate HMI from another connected HMI.
- via connection management, users can do remote control and diagnosis.

Ethernet Communication:

Ethernet Communication

Support MODBUS TCP/IP communication protocol, And other types of PLC network communication module (EATON, Delta, Allen-Bradley, Siemens S7-200/300/400/1200 etc.)

 Easy Diagnoser: Easy Printer:
 EasyDiagnoser  Easy Printer

Easy Diagnoser is for analyzing and detecting Connection between HMI and PLC.

Easy Printer Server for saving hardcopy or data backup is individually downloadable even without downloading the entire Easy Builder application.


Easy Simulator:


 Easy Simulator

Upon completion of project programming, you can execute Online Simulation on PC by directly connect with PLC (10 min limit) or Offline Simulation on PC without connecting PLC.


Easy Access:
Via the innovative Easy Access technique, you can easily manage your HMI in network

Easy Access


Pass Through:

Our HMI Pass Through function allows PC to directly Execute PLC applications to control PLC through HMI .HMI plays a role as a converter of RS232 to RS 485.


OUR HMI built-in VNC server allows you to operate HMI anytime and anywhere under network environment once your PC or cell phone is equipped with VNC Client.