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At less than half the size of most programmable logic controllers, the PLC Modular Controllers are an ideal solution when space is at a  premium and there are specialized I/O needs. Any number of expansion modules can be added to create up to 256 I/O. Communication modules allow information sharing with networked devices. Specialty modules like Analog in, Analog out and Platinum Temperature are also available.



ELC Family 2-Modular and expandable PLCs with distributed I/O capability.
-Digital, analog, thermocouple and RTD I/O.
-10, 12, 14 and 28 I/O base controllers.
-6, 8 or 16 digital I/O expansion modules.
-2, 4 and 6 analog I/O expansion modules.
-24 Vdc and 110/220 Vac inputs.
-Relay or transistor outputs.
-High current relay output module.
modular-plc-High speed pulse capture and high speed pulse output up to 200 kHz.
-Two RS-485 Modbus serial ports.
-DIN rail mounting only.
-Distributed I/O adapters for EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP and RS-485.


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The SC-80 Controller:
is a man machine Integrated programmable Controller with many special features and capabilities:
- The operator panel makes it easy to interact with operator and provides on time information to the operator.
- The engineer can design and debug a program in a minimal period of time.
- The unit is designed to be flush mounted in a panel.
- The front panel is a seal 4x16 character display and tactile membrane keyboard.



-High contrast 4x16 character LCD display Configurable membrane keyboard.
-two configurable bush buttons 16 configurable led.
-Man machine interface and PLC Programming packages are supported.
-Supports AC 85~264V external power input and DC24 V power source output.
-Capable of host computer link and controllers' multi-drops interlock communication.


(I/O) Support:

-32 Digital inputs (DC 24V) and 16 digital outputs (Relay, 2A/pt).
-4 Analog inputs (4~20mA), 4 Analog inputs (0~5 VDC) and 5 RTD inputs (Pt100).
-2 Analog outputs (4~20 mA).

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Inelegant Relays

*Easy Operation with Maximum Benefits:

  • Our intelligent relays provide basic functions that users could only implement previously with individually installed and wired devices. The EZD multi-function displays offer powerful visualization functions.

The intelligent relays bring timers, relays, counters, analog functions, inputs and outputs into one compact device that is easily configured.

  • Our products provide exceptional levels of flexibility together with substantial savings in commissioning time and effort. Other terms often used for intelligent relay are relay replacer, control relay and smart relay.

Our intelligent relays are available in more than 20 different styles that support from 12 I/O up to 320 I/O points.


* Applications:
Designed for use in automation for commercial & industrial sectors, domestic and building controls providing the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, watering, pump control, HVAC and home automation.

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Programming Software


With PLC soft, applications can be created, edited and monitored. Move programs from one controller to another with ease. Program in ladder, sequential function chart or instruction language. It is the single program to develop PLC controller applications.
PLC soft is also used to configure the Device Net master and Modbus TCP Ethernet modules.


-Software wizards simplify the programming process.
-Make online changes, monitor and remote control the run/stop operation for ease of operation.
-Program on your PC and download to the ELC through a serial cable or over Ethernet.

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