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Control Product

It is a full basket of automation and control products. Included in this offering are Sensors and monitoring relays, operator interface, counters and timers, pushbuttons, stack lights, toggle switches,  programmable logic controllers,  Panel Meters and temperature controller.


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AC Servo Motors and Drive

We work hard to bring products that safely distribute power to your home or business, in some way, helping to bring power to your life.


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iEOCR MME EN 1007-3

Intelligent Motor Protection Relay (Basic Model)


In Future Hi - Tech we sell and Install Motor Protection Relay, Many Type, Many Brands are Available, Please contact us to recommend you with exact type for your application and Offer you best prices

ControlValtage:    100~240VAC,50/60Hz      24VDC ●100~125VDC
Motor Protection: Over/UnderCurrent - ThermalOverload - Phase Reversal/PhaseLoss/PhaseUnbalance - Locked Rotor(Stall&Jam) - EFCurrent
Control Function: Operating Mode DOL,Y-D Starting, Inverter Starting
Control Mode: LOP, MCC, AUTO (PLC,DCS), Network
Network CommunicationProtocol: MODBUS-RTU
Rated Current: Over-current:0.5~100A   Ground Current:0.03~10A (Lo or Hi selected)  Load-Ratio Display:50~120%
Diagnosis Function: Limit number of auto reset  Detect network communication loss Detec tstuck buttom Run command error Stop command error Run check back error ●Stop check back error
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Breaker versus Fuse

For effective circuit protection, Future Hi-Tech offers a variety of circuit breakers to choose from. Browse our selection and find the right circuit breakers for your application.


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Power Meter

From the moment power enters your facility to the instant it is used by a process or equipment, power management products will monitor, analyze, measure and control.


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