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Enclosed Switching Power Supply


Enclosed Switching Power SupplyWattage Range:

15 ~150W / 15~350W / 75~750 / 75~300
/ 100~300W / 150~500 / 150 ~250W
/ 150~1500 / 200 ~1500W / 200~3000W


Features for different Models:

• High reliability, 5G vibration, 70℃ operation.
• 300VAC input surge, all using 105℃capacitors.
• Suitable for critical applications.
• Economical non-PFC models.
• Most economical models with complete safety certificates
• Built-in active PFC function for models.
• Output voltage:
2.5V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 5V for HSP series
2.8V / 3.8V for HDP series
• Suitable for high efficiency moving sign application
• Medical enclosed type, built-in active PFC
• Medical safety approved (MOOP level)
• High efficiency, no load power consumption <0.5W


DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail Power SupplyWattage Range:


10W~96W / 15W~100W / 45W~480W
/ 120W~960W / 120W~960W



• No load power consumption <0.75W, <0.5W, <1W.

• Suitable for building automation and control of Household appliance.
• Models over 240W (includes) built-in PFC function.
• Three phase or high input voltage range (340~550VAC).
• Slim design and high efficiency up to 94%.
• Built-in DC OK relay contact.
• 20A redundant module & 40A DC UPS module.


External Switching Power Supply


Charger Power Supply


Charger Power SupplyWattage:



• CE declaration only for models with active or Passive PFC if higher than 150W
• Suitable for battery backup system, Electrical wheelchair, electrical scooter, trailer, Or general consumer electronic products.